Quality Policy

The HTC Srls policy is to offer a consultancy service in the field of quality control of products intended for industry, industrial asset management and supply chain in compliance with the mandatory laws and the guidelines applied as well as a managed training service by qualified technical teachers and certified in accordance with industry standards.

HTC has as its primary objective the full satisfaction of customer expectations without compromising quality and professionalism in the performance of services.

This Policy is implemented through the activities that the organization considers strategic in order to guarantee quality, service professionalism and customer satisfaction at the same time.

The company Quality System is organized to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 guideline for the organizational and management aspects of each process performed.

The process of providing consultancy services is organized in such a way as to have each phase under control and to allow for a correct planning of the activities as well as to offer adequate corrective and preventive actions in order to maintain the quality of the service and to improve the effectiveness of the management system. and organizational.

The suppliers, however, who play a role of low relevance in the activities of HTC, are selected on the basis of the technical and organizational abilities in satisfying the specific needs and appropriately qualified as expressed in the company quality manual.

All personnel are adequately trained, according to a specific and targeted annual training plan established on the basis of the company's technical-economic objectives and updated annually.

HTC also guarantees maximum service efficiency in terms of compliance with planning and execution times.

In summary, the objectives of the quality management system are:

  • Provide customers with a quality service based on the company's skills and principles (independence, honesty, ethics, professionalism)
  • Provide the customer with a service through staff always up to date
  • Continuous improvement of staff skills

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